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Men of Faith Against Bullying INC
Presidents Page

A Message from President 
Stephen A Bailey

To: Friends And Family of Men of Faith Against Bullying  (MOFAB) 

Dear Friends and Family of MOFAB, 

My name is Rev Stephen Bailey, and I am writing on behalf of Men Of Faith Against Bullying Inc. (MOFAB). Our organization is Men Of Faith, identifying resources to bring awareness to bullying in the schools and community. We are Blessed and honored to sponsor an Anti-Bullying Prayer Breakfast during the month of October. October is designated National Anti-Bullying Month in the US to bring attention to bullying and explore solutions to the problem. We acknowledge that prayer is an essential part of the fulfillment of any mission. At Men Of Faith Against Bullying Inc. (MOFAB), we are currently working on a project that recognizes and honors young people’s outstanding achievements, enhances the perception of young people, and raises community awareness of their positive contributions. At the invitation of the schools and youth organizations, we use the MOFAB model to teach tolerance, respect, and loving support for others. We use our skills, positions, and resources to show prevention strategies through modeling positive behavior. To make a difference, we
rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community. We would be most grateful if you would consider providing help to sponsor a student and attend our annual event in October. Our first event was in October 2018. It was a great success, and with the support of my family, church family, and friends, we gathered for good food, information, awards, and inspiring music with close to 100 people in attendance. We visited three schools that year and shared information with the students and staff regarding Bullying awareness.

mofab talk1.jpg

In October 2019, the event was even more prominent, with 150 in attendance. We were blessed to have representation from the Maryland State Department of Education, The Prince Georges County Department of Education, and the Virginia Special Service Comprehensive Service. From the event’s success and student participation, we were able to start Bullying and beyond to help schools with students facing traumatic events. We were able to sponsor families with limited resources due to fires, relocation assistance, food, and clothing. We also partner with the Faith Village Women’s Society Inc. for their annual winter coat drive for students. To our organization, your support is critical to completing our latest project, and we will gladly keep you updated regarding our progress should you wish. Please get in touch with me at 202-581-5117 if you can support our efforts to make a difference in the community. You may also contribute by visiting our website at 

Thank you so much for your kind consideration of our request, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Reverend Stephen A Bailey


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