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Board Members and 
Governance Committees

Board Members

Reverend Stephen A Bailey


Ms. Rachel White / North
Carolina Chapter


Dr. James Peterson

Research Professor

Governance Committees

Ms. Yveola Peters

Trainer / Consultant to

Mr. Nasheed Bridgeman


Mr. Darrell and Tammie

General Youth Advisory and
External Affairs Committee

Mr. Lewis Smith

Anti Youth Violence
Advisor to MOFAB Inc

Mr. William McCoy

Veterans Against
Bullying Committee

Ms. Shelia Johnson

Special Financial
Advisor MOFAB Inc


The MOFAB planning and Youth Advisory Governance committee will mobilize these young leaders, starting with defining the youth’s role through the training modules or other partner resources.

The planning committee will ensure that the youth engage in helping to shape MOFAB efforts to learn about bullying, its warning signs, and its effects. The Jr. MOFAB board member will use their experience and take what they know and apply it to the work they do with their peers in their communities.

A youth board member would have many of the same legal rights as the other board members, such as full voting rights as a director and access to corporate records of the nonprofit. However, a youth board member’s authority and obligations are limited in other ways. Youth board members will not have signing authority because minors have limited ability to enter or sign contracts under general contract law principles. Additionally, while the law articulates that board members have fiduciary duties and a youth board member should strive to conduct their position according to such standards of care and loyalty, these may not be legally enforceable duties against a youth board member.

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